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What is LiveDrumsOnWeb?

You send me your Audio-Files, with your music. I record Real Drums Onto Your Music. It´s as simple as that!

Well, you can say it´s a Recording-Studio For Drums On The Web. If you want to have Real, Live Drums recorded on your songs, I will do it for you. Now you don´t have to rent an expensive studio. You don´t have to hire a sound-engineer. No more loops. All this is included in my work.

1. The first step is to contact me HERE

2. The next step is for me to get your Audio-Files or mp3:s sent to me. It´s a good thing to send me a ”Preview” (Mp3) of your song.

3. When I´ve listened to your ”Preview”, I will contact you to tell you what kind of  files I need from you. I will also listen to your suggestions of how the drum-track is supposed to be played, if you have recorded a drum-machine, or how the drums should sound. If you can send a click-track or tell me what tempo (BPM) the track will be in, it would save some time.

4. After my recording session, I will send you a Preview(Mp3) of my recorded Drums,  together with your music. That is for you to get a grip of what I´ve been recording. Then you can listen and tell me what you think. Maybe you want another sound? Another snare? More fill-ins? Another groove?

5. When you are satisfied with the recording, I´ll send you the multi-channel audio-files over the internet. All drums are recorded separately and saved in the specific audio-format you want them to be recorded in. (Aiff, Wav, Sdii, Mp3, mHz, Bit etc.)

6. Then it´s very easy to synchronize in your own session. Just put it together, and your music will be lifted to a higher level!


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